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We have put together a few articles on all topics dealing with ionizing radiation. We tried to put material that is relevant to all the industries that use our products. Please let us know if you would like any material added on any related topic.

  • Primer On Ionizing Radiation

    By Argonne National Laboratory, EVS

    An introduction to alpha, beta and gamma radation. Where they come from, how they are used and how they affect our body.

  • Primer On Geiger Counters

    By GS Geiger Group

    An article on what ionizing radiation is, how it is measured and how a GM tube operates.

  • Effects Of Ionizing Radiation

    By Dr. Rudi Nussbaum, Dr Wolfgang Kohnlein (Portland State University)

    Article on ionizing radiation and it's effects on the body.

  • Cancer And Workers Exposed To Ionizing Radiation

    Based on work by Ken Silver, done by Center for Environmental Health Studies

    An article on what ionizing radiation is, how it is measured and how a GM tube operates.

  • Radon And Health

    By World Health Organization

    Document on Radon. Where it comes from, it's health effects and how to reduce exposure.

  • Dirty Bomb Info Sheet

    By WHO/RAD

    An article on Radiological Dispersion Devices (Dirty Bomb). What we should worry about.

  • The NRC And Nuclear Power Plant Safety In 2010

    By David Lochbaum (Union of Concerned Scientists)

    This report provides an overview of significant events - or near-misses - reported on by the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission).

  • IAEA Report On Chernobyl - 15 Years After

    By IAEA

    The impact and the human consequences of the Chernobyl Nuclear accident.

  • The Other Report On Chenobyl (TORCH)

    By Ian Fairlie PhD, David Sumner DPhil

    An independent scientific evaluation of the effects of the Chernobyl nuclear with critical analyses of recent IAEA/WHO reports.

  • Greenpeace Report On Chernobyl (25 Years After)

    By Irnya Labunska, Stan Vincent, Nikki Westwood, Paul Johnston (Greenpeace)

    Food contamination by Cs-137 in selected areas of Ukraine after the Chernobyl disaster.

  • Anatomy Of A Tragedy

    By Dave Lochbaum (Union of Concerned Scientists)

    Detailed and visual presentation on what went wrong in the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

  • Reducing Risks In The Scrap Metal Industry

    By IAEA

    Examines past incidents of sealed radioactive sources causing exposure to humans and loss of life.

  • Lost And Found Dangers

    By Pedro Ortiz, Vilmos FriedRich, John Wheatley & Modupe Oresgun (IAEA)

    An article on "orphan" sources worldwide - radiation sources that have fallen our of regulatory control and the growing concerns.

  • USA Perspectives

    By Greta Joy Dickus (IAEA)

    An article on the safety and security of radioactive sources in the US. Other IAEA reports.

  • Lessons From Major Radiation Accidents

    By P. Ortiz, M. Oresegun, J. Wheatley (IAEA)

    Lessons learnt from accidents in radiography, gamma irradiators and electron accelerators used in industry, research, and radiotherapy.

  • Radioactive Scrap Industry Poster

    By US Nuclear Regulatory Commission

    A poster with what to do, pictures of typical radioactive items and where to get help.