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The Gamma-Scout is a general purpose geiger counter that measures alpha, beta, gamma and x-ray radiation. It has proven to be useful in the medical, nuclear, mining, metal scrap and foundry industries. It is also used by first responders, police, customs and border control, hobbyists, rock hounds and in personal or home survival kits. The Gamma-Scout sets a new standard in portable geiger counter performance and functionality.

List of all our Geiger Counters

  • Gamma-Scout Standard / Radiation detector / Geiger Counter

    Gamma-Scout Standard
  • Gamma-Scout Alert / Radiation detector / Geiger Counter

    Gamma-Scout Alert
  • Gamma-Scout Rechargeable / Radiation detector / Geiger Counter

    Gamma-Scout Rechargeable
  • Gamma-Scout Online / Radiation detector / Geiger Counter

    Gamma-Scout Online
  • Case For Gamma Scout / Radiation detector / Geiger Counter


Gamma-Scout Data Sheet

The Gamma-Scout data sheet below has a comprehensive list of all the Gamma-Scout model features. The last column shows each model's compatibility with the feature in that row. A green icon means that the model has the feature and grey means it does not.

geiger counter gamma-scout std= Standard Model   geiger counter gamma-scout alert= Alert Model   geiger counter gamma-scout rch= Rechargeable Model   geiger counter gamma-scout online= Online Model
Feature Feature Details Model Compatibility
Specifications as of June 2011. Specifications can change at any time.
Sensor Type Halogen filled Geiger-Müller tube with mica end window [LND 712 or equivalent]
Sensor End Window Density End Window Density 1.5 - 2 mg/cm²
Sensor Housing Stainless-steel housing (0.012" wall thickness)
Sensor Dimensions Measuring Length 38.1mm, measuring diameter 9.1mm
Sensor Zero Rate Zero Rate < 10 pulses per min w/ 3 mm AL and 50 mm PB screening
Operating Range Calibrated scale 0.01 µSv/h up to 1000.00 µSv/h or 1µR/h to 100mR/h
Gamma Sensitivity 1000 cpm/mR/hr or 108 pulses referenced to Co-60 radiation of 1 µSv/h ambient
Minimal Alpha Detection Detects alpha radiation from 4 MeV
Minimal Beta Detection Detects beta radiation from 0.2 MeV
Minimal Gamma Detection Detects gamma radiation from 30 keV
Memory Internal storage for 32,000 data points
Operating Temp. and Humidity -40 to +75°C, up to 90% humidity
Dimensions and Weight L 6.5" (165mm), W 2.8" (72mm), H 1.2" (30mm). 6 ounces (130 grms)
Casing Impact-resistant Novadur
Display Real time LCD display, 4 digit numeric with operating mode indicators. Logarithmic bar chart.
Calibration Each unit is subjected to a final test supervised by the Institute of Radiation Protection, a government (German) controlled university for Applied Technology. The tested device must be in a confidence range of 5% in comparison to a master. This master is adjusted to a gauged reference Cs-137 emitter. Each unit gets a serialized test certificate.
Selective Shielding Shield the sensor's mica window from alpha (to allow beta and gamma only) or from alpha and beta (to allow gamma only).
Power Consumption Power circuit consumes less than 10 microamperes at environmental radiation.
Dose Rate Units Can be set to display units in Sievert or Rem
Cumulative Dose Can be set to sum up dose measurements to give the cumulative dose reading from some point in time.
Data Download Connects to Windows PC for a batch data download of archived data measurements in memory. Memory can be wiped clean for a fresh start of data archiving.
"Always On" Feature Monitors radiation continually for a comprehensive and accurate data archive in memory that is downloadable. The unit cannot be turned off.
Ticker and Programmable Alert Audible alert ticker can be turned on and clicks with each pulse generated by the GM tube in the presence of radiation. A programmable alert can be set to sound by the unit on crossing a dose rate threshold.
Embedded Battery Embedded (soldered on) Lithium Thionyl Chloride battery, with a typical 10 year operating life at average 20°C and normal usage. There is no need to recharge this battery through its lifetime. To replace send back to factory for a replacement for a small fee.
Rechargeable Battery Can be charged via USB cable or external power supply (included)
Real Time Data Download Connects to Windows PC and sends the data measurements (pulses) in intervals of 2 seconds
Certifications Meets all European CE standards as well as US FCC 15 standard
Warranty 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty [does not cover damage to GM tube]